Gun Manufacturers Could Be Coming To Oklahoma

“They’re making a big mistake in Colorado and New York passing laws against the second amendment,”
Representative Mike Ritze said  those mistakes could be Oklahoma’s gain.
“It’s a real pro-business thing to do to be friendly to businesses being turned away in their own state.”
With the threat of tougher legislation in Colorado, Magpul, a high capacity magazine manufacturer is threatening to pack its bags and leave.
“We reached out to them in the form of a letter and we also called them telling them the doors are always wide open for companies such as theirs to come to Oklahoma.”
The 85-million dollar company employs more than 200 people in Colorado. Jobs Representative  Ritze hopes to bring to the Sooner State.
“I think it will increase jobs for our citizens and definitely bring more money into the economy for the local city state and counties.”
Earlier this year representatives also reached out to New York-based gun manufacturer Remington, after the state put a ban on assault rifles.
“Remington brings in hundreds of millions each year and a smaller growing business like this can do the same I’m sure.”
“It’s not going to help us but it’s a great win for the state of Oklahoma,” said  Steve Wingo, sales manager at Heartland Outdoors.
Wingo said because the companies are manufacturers and not distributors they don’t pose a threat to local businesses.
“If Remington opened a retail store that would be a different story.”
Still many residents are split on bringing gun companies to Oklahoma.
“It’s bad very bad. I don’t like it at all,” said Elizabeth Decarli.
“I don’t have a problem with guns so it doesn’t bother me. I’m pro guns,” added Caroline Chaney. Gun Manufacturers Could Be Coming To Oklahoma

Posted: Friday, March 8 2013, 09:38 PM CST




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