Legislators try to persuade top gun makers to move to Oklahoma

Posted: 6:51 PM
Last Updated: 12 hours and 28 minutes ago

TULSA – Area lawmakers are trying to persuade some of the country’s top gun makers to relocate their businesses to Oklahoma.

Recent mass shootings across the nation convinced lawmakers in some states to consider tougher gun laws, much to the displeasure of several of the top gun manufacturers who happen to call those states home.

Republican State Rep. Dan Kirby, R-Tulsa, sent letters to three gun companies.

“We’ve reached out to Beretta in Maryland, to Remington in New York and to Magpul in Colorado,” said Kirby.

State Rep. Mike Ritze, of Broken Arrow, also sent a letter to Magpul.

The letters touted Oklahoma’s economy and gun-friendly culture.

“Those manufactures, they have jobs and if they are leaving the state, we’re reaching out to them and saying ‘Hey, we would love to have you here in Oklahoma,'” said Kirby.

Though Republicans sent the letters, officials with the Tulsa County Democratic Party say it’s not such a bad idea from an economic viewpoint.

“I think any company that wants to relocate to Oklahoma is fantastic. It brings increased revenue and brings jobs to our state,” said vice-chairman Michael Whelan.

Whelan said it depends on how lawmakers go about luring the companies to Oklahoma.

“What exactly are they looking to offer these manufacturers?” asked Whelan. “I think it all depends on what they do.”

So far gun manufacturers haven’t taken up the offer.

Lawmakers in several other gun-friendly states are also trying to convince gun makers to move to their states.





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