Tulsa voters concerned about personal info on mailers

And the same information is plastered by the users all over Facebook; so what are you complaining about?


Reported by: Abbie Alford

Your personal information sent out on a postcard: Some Tulsa County voters are upset that a mayoral candidate sent out more than 10,000 absentee ballot postcard applications.

“My personal information is available for anyone who looks at the mail,” said Robert Cooper.

The postcards candidate Kathy Taylor sent out had voters names, addresses and birthdates printed on the card.

When Cooper received the postcard in the mail over the weekend from Taylor’s campaign he was upset his personal information was visible.
“The only thing I complained about was my date of birth,” said Cooper.

He called Taylor’s campaign office and the woman on the phone told him it wasn’t a concern.

“‘Public information.’ I didn’t believe her at first,” said Cooper.

Cooper said he called the Election Board.

“I didn’t realize that was public information when I complained,” said Cooper.

Your name, address and birth date for voter registration are all public record. Anyone can access that information, much like accessing information through online court records in Oklahoma.

Like Cooper, another voter who wanted to remain anonymous said he received the mailer this weekend and thought it was fraud.

“My personal information is available for anyone who looks at the mail,” said Cooper.

The Secretary for the Tulsa County Election Board, Patti Bryant, said the postcards are legal. All absentee applications are notarized and two witnesses sign off. An absentee ballot is then sent to the voter.

“What happens when someone moves and then someone else gets your mail and all they have to do is put your signature there,” said Cooper.

Taylor’s campaign manager, Anna America, said Taylor wanted to make it easy for voters to choose absentee since they expect many voters will be on vacation for the June 11 election.

“A little bit too easy,” said Cooper.

All the voter has to do with the post card is sign their name, mail it off for an absentee ballot.

“I don’t think it’s illegal. I think it’s unethical,” said Cooper.

Incumbent Mayor Dewey Bartlett and former city councilor Bill Christiansen are running against Taylor for the mayor’s seat.

If a candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote, he or she will be elected mayor and take the position in December.
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