Went to the Circuit of the Americas for the V8 Supercar Series.  What can I say, I am a big Gear Head / Petrol Head and love motor sports.

Anyway, as soon I got to the Temple Area seems like the traffic was getting heavier and people hustling through traffic.

I consider myself a Spirited Driver.  Speed does not scares me and feel comfortable driving at high speed.

There is one thing that scares me and is the amount of stupid drivers that have no self-control and/or  does not have any road decorum.

When you drive at high speeds you give yourself some room between cars; the reasons are quite obvious.

On regular roads, the conditions are not as controlled as a Race Track.  There is a mix of vehicles with a mix of driving abilities.

Once you open a gap for safety there is a moron on a Lexsucks cutting on front on you with white headphones.

You can guess they have an iPhone by the look of the device they are holding by the top of the steering wheel.

Within few minutes you see more Hybrids and more Lexsucks zooming in and out; stabbing the brakes, cutting by the emergency lane.

All the sudden there is a huge “Stau” (for the people that experienced the Autobahn).  Having experience in Germany; I turn the 4 ways.

That will warn the rear motorist that I am stopping at a high rate so I do not get rear ended.  However, I am the only one that does that.

Everybody seems to be way too busy with their Smart Phones.  When you look around the other cars are either really new or really junkie.

Most cars have Scrapes and Dents; the newer ones seem just waiting their turn road rage baptized.  13 years ago, I remember going through a Farm to Market road (FM) and if you were going a bit faster and encounter someone, the person on front of you will pull on the side and let you fly by.  The response was a hand salute of gratitude.  A very contagious and polite move.  Did not get the chance to get on any of them, but do they still doing that?


My wife she is good at finding stuff so we went to check the Flying of the Bats by Congress across the river in the Downtown area.

There is a weird guy with a hat that has a toy Bat attached on it.  Know how smart ass I am, I told the wife that he is the Austin Batwanger running around.

We got surrounded by people that start and they look weird by the minute.  Some girls sat near us with half of a watermelon; like they were on a picnic.

Other oddity is that nobody seems to speak like a Texan and by looking at their behavior, looks, clothes and iPhones I can pretty much guess they are not from Texas.

Some guy comes to me asking for donations.  Tried to fend him off by saying that had no cash.  That did not work, he had a portable Credit Card reader… Dam it !

I did not wanted to look like a jerk so I bought 2 bottles of water; anyway, was hot as heck.

After the “Bat Show” was over it was a mad dash to the parking lot.  The watermelon girls were getting on their beat up Toyota and backed it off without even looking.

They almost hit my car and cut right in front of me.  I told the wife… “I bet they are from California” ; well…. their license plate said so.

Also, there are a large amount of Coexists, Peace, Keep Austin Weird and O’Bummer 2008 and 2012 bumper stickers.  The hippie nonsense mentality they think they are serving the planet without doing a dam thing but bitch about how bad is.



At the motel, we were looking at their services and I was surprised they had room service.  I said… “Room Service at the motel?”

Well it was outsourced to some local catering business.  Cracked me up that is even a Lice Removal Service.

The phone book is full of small service driven business. Is like people forgot how to do the most menial tasks in life.  Are they busy?

I do not think so, I think people is just lazy.


Another thing that I saw in large groups are Homeless People.  Felt like each corner had a bum either begging for money or with a dirty rag wanted to wash your windshield.

My wife loves Cherry Cokes from Sonic so we stopped by one.  How ghetto was!  The car next to us had to guys getting stoned out of their skull and another woman, comes along begging for money on each car.  She had these Cue Cards that flashed to people and seems to be a different story on each one.  We got her Cherry Coke and drove to the motel.  We met another couple, they seems to be drunk and stoned.  The woman join us on the Hot Tub like pool and here I am, try to get some intel on them.  Turned out to be they are homeless and they go through Hotels/Motels to use their pools to have a bath and eat some of their free food offered to the guest.  Well, the motel manager looks the other way since is afraid they will come and vandalize the place.  One thing that got me is the huge ethnic diversity.  Never seen such an amalgam of people in TX.  As far know I do not even recalled a China Town there either, and now, there is one!


Went to wash the car the next day because was dirty from the trip.  The closest Car Wash was the type they vacuum the car and wash it while you wait.

The group of people outside they all look from all sorts of different nationalities all engaged on their iPhones; avoiding eye contact.  Except for one…

So I approached the lady and asked her if she is originally from Austin and she replied yes.  I told her that I can see that.  She said why?

Easy, you are the only friendly person here.  I engaged with some small talk and told her that Austin changed a lot from about 13 years.

She said that her and her husband are leaving.  Also said… Actually, most people native to Austin are leaving because of the Californian Invasion.

About 4,000 people move from California each day and since their started the South by Southwest all went to hell.  Crime rate is growing, taxes/fees are growing.


On our way out…  We stopped at Round Rock Donuts.  Pretty nifty place that makes these huge 2 pound Donuts.  Some folks were waiting for their stuff they just ordered.

So they were standing by; not even looking at their phones at all.  My wife start talking to the cashier and they are very friendly people.  We told them that we had to get the Donuts before going home, as soon they heard my wife accent they all open up and started to talk to us.  They were all local and started rambling away on how bad Austin has become.


In conclusion…

The real Texans are somewhat pissed off about the Californian Invasion.  Instead of doing what the Texans do and engage on a new way of life, is forcing the Texans to do what the Californians do.  Is nothing but a bunch of Cancerous Cells invading a good healthy tissue and if the Texans let them do it will be game over for the whole state and become another high cost of living state with tons of rules and regulations.  On the news, it said one time the North Koreans had a Nuke aimed to Austin TX… I see why now; well is a sarcastic joke.


But to be honest, Austin TX is getting Californifucked by the second…


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