Police: Letters to NYC mayor contained ricin

Nobody knew what that shit was until the TV Show Raisin Bad came out.

BTW, the last season is coming out in August.


Michael Winter, USA TODAY7:43 p.m. EDT May 29, 2013

One letter was opened at a New York mail facility, the other at Bloomberg’s gun-control group in Washington. Both were sent from Shreveport, La.

wo anonymous, threatening letters sent to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his gun-control organization contained the deadly poison ricin, police said Wednesday.

Both letters referenced “the debate on gun laws” and contained an oily pinkish-orange substance, said Paul Browne, the chief NYPD spokesman.

One letter was opened Friday at a city mail facility. The other was opened Sunday in Washington at Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Both letters were mailed from Shreveport, La., on May 20, law enforcement sources told NBC News.

Ricin naturally occurs in castor beans and can be fatal if inhaled or ingested.

Three New York officers experienced minor symptoms of ricin exposure, which have abated, police said. No symptoms appeared among those who handled the Washington letter.

Ricin-tainted threats were sent recently to President Obama, lawmakers, judges and other officials.

Last week, a 38-year-old Washington state man was accused of including ricin in a death threat mailed to a federal judge.

Matthew Buquet, of Spokane, was ordered held without bail during a court appearance Tuesday.

In late April, a Mississippi man was arrested for allegedly mailing poisoned letters to Obama, Republican Sen. Roger Wicker and an 80-year-old judge in Tupelo.

The FBI said 41-year-old Everett Dutschke bought castor bean seeds online late last year. Agents found traces of ricin on several objects retrieved from trash at his Tupelo home and near his martial-arts studio.

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