F-16 Drones To Train Fighter Pilots

To me a Drone is a fully autonomous machine like a ROBOT would be.This is just a remote controlled airplane.  I think the Drone definition does not apply.

Anyway how neat this is? 

You can change crews in transit, if the pilot disobey can be replaced on the spot, the pilot cannot defect and with a bit more of computing power the airplanes can be fully autonomous controlled by one single person.  Now the definition of the “Most Powerful Man” on the planet apply here.

Kyle Maxey posted on September 27, 2013

The US Airforce (USAF), like air forces across the globe, spends a tremendous amount of time and capital to train their fighter pilots. Given that fighter pilots are controlling mutli-million dollar, highly weaponized systems that makes sense.

While USAF’s past instruction schemes have relied heavily on training simulations a new more realistic approach to fighter combat training is taking to the sky.

Named the QF-16, the USAF’s new training module is drone F-16 fighter. Developed by Boeing to give pilots a more real dogfighting experience (including live fire exercises), the QF-16 can pull up to 8G while flying at mach 1.47.

Although the QF-16 is a drone it isn’t autonomous. Two ground based pilots fly remotely fly the craft and are encouraged to truly push the limits of the plane’s performance.

Currently, Boeing has built six QF-16 drones. With up and coming pilots taking aim at them soon I imagine the USAF will be ordering more of its decommissioned fight jet fleet to be retrofit as drones in the very near future.




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