Notes From a Shootout

I call this… Bullshit !  The Boogie Man is going to get you !!!!

Dead People does not talk; do they?

by Ben Jacobs Oct 3, 2013 4:26 PM EDT
A strange day in Washington got even stranger when a woman tried to ram her car into the White House, and fled in a high-speed car chase that ended in a hail of bullets. By Ben Jacobs
A dramatic scene took place in Washington D.C. on Wednesday afternoon involving a high-speed car chase with gunfire on Pennsylvania Avenue. A woman, who may have had a baby in the car, tried to ram the outer barricades around the White House in a black Infiniti sedan.

She was unable to gain access and immediately sped away down Pennsylvania Avenue, pursued by four or five police cars, according to eyewitness Travis Gilbert who was watching from the roof of the nearby Newseum. One of the cop cars crashed at high speed into a barrier on Constitution Ave, injuring the driver and damaging the car. The sedan then made a right turn toward the West Front of the Capital

According to Capitol Police, the chase eventually came to an end at 2nd and Maryland NE. Initial reports are that the driver may be dead. He did confirm that the injured officer was conscious and being transferred to a nearby hospital. Because of the government shutdown, Capitol Police are currently working without pay.

The chase and the ensuing gunshots made an already strange day—it’s day three of the government shutdown—even more bizarre. The Capitol was locked down as tourists and reporters were hustled inside by police.

John Sampson, of Louisville, Kentucky, had travelled to Washington with his brother-in-law Andrew Dabney and nephew Whitt for Whitt’s 13th birthday. They had booked a trip to Washington months ago to show Whitt how government worked; needless to say the shutdown had interfered with those plans. Then, while eating hot dogs on their way to the Capitol to meet Senator Mitch McConnell, an old friend of Sampson’s father, they heard four or five gunshots and then “an awful noise” as the police car crashed. They expected their meeting with Senator McConnell to be canceled in what had become an even more surreal trip to Washington.



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