TSA employee shot at LAX Terminal 3 checkpoint

The Hoodie Man strikes back (kind of sound like the Boogie Man).  With all the Security on those Terminals all they can come up with is a Hoodie and Black Jeans.  KC and the Sunshine Band told us before….

“I’m your boogie man, that’s what I am
I’m here to do whatever I can
Be it early morning, late afternoon
Or at midnight, it’s never too soon

To wanna please you, to wanna keep you
To wanna do it all, all for you
I wanna be your, be your rubber ball
I wanna be the boy you love most of all, oh yeah

I’m your boogie man, I’m your boogie man
Turn me on
I’m your boogie man, I’m your boogie man
I’ll do what you want”


So the song goes….



John Bacon and Doug Stanglin, USA TODAY 1:36 p.m. EDT November 1, 2013

Passengers evacuated after gunfire in Terminal 3

LOS ANGELES — Several people, including a TSA employee, was shot Friday at a checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 3 in what police call a “multi-patient incident.”

The gunman — apparently still at large — was wounded in the incident, the Los Angeles Times reports.

USA TODAY’s Kevin Johnson quotes a federal law enforcement official as saying that less than five victims were believed to be involved.

CNN reports that a gunman aproached a checkpoint at the terminal and opened fire.

Witness Brian Keech said he heard “about a dozen gunshots” from inside the security gate at Terminal 3.

Police described the suspect as a male dressed in a “black hoodie” and black jeans.

At one point police speaking to dispatchers said they had a “possible suspect” in custody.

Police evacuated the terminal and surrounding streets.

The condition of the victim was not immediately known.

The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted that “LAPD is now on TACTICAL ALERT due to a major incident.” LAPD later scaled down the alert to to “:South and West Bureau only.”

The TSA agent was shot a checkpoint, KABC reports.

The Los Angeles Times also reported “gunfire” was reported at Terminal 3.

Flights heading to Los Angeles airport were held at their departure airports until at least 11 a.m. Pacific time, according to FlightAware.com, which tracks flights.





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