We do not live in a world of ideologies

 The whole system is a financial scam.

What people think the officials do; talk about the founding fathers, philosophy, ideologies?

They simply talk what they can do make themselves richer and their buddies that helped them.  Others is how they can help this or that Corporation to get them off their back.  Others is, how my Political Party is going to pay up the people that gave us money.  Other is how much money they can obtain from other Corporations, Groups, Business, etc… to make the Political Party richer.

They come up with all sorts of calculations, statistics, probabilities and all types of schemes on how to manipulate the money around.  How much each representative get paid for they service, around $250,000 a year, they do not pay social security (only one term and they get full salary for life), no other services that we get.  Even with all that, if anybody, common individual like we are in the US is paid that much they cannot afford all the possessions they have.

The reason is simple, money.

We do not live in a world of ideologies

The world is manipulated by the financial system.

Corporations are the nations of the world.

Work for them and you get paid.  Earned money is exchanged for goods, services, property and many other things.  The Corp that you work for is the one that feed, clothe and shelter you.  The same Corp provides a Medical Plan that pays when you and your loves ones are sick.  Is like a Clan/Village/Gang/Guild… or whatever you want to call it. That Corp lobbies a Gov Official(s) and manipulates the laws to help the Corp to survive.  They are the ones that grease the machine.

We do not live in a world of ideologies

We never did and we never will.

Is foolish to think and stupid to believe that we have a Bipartisan system which in reality is not.  Last time I checked were more than 15 of them.  The two biggest and powerful ones are the Red and the Blue (you know who they are).  They bully the other ones so they cannot play in the political playground.

So why the others even exists?  Simple, to send a message that is a free nation and anybody can apply to run for office.  The other one is as simple as getting donations/campaign contributions that is not required to return if they loose.  Just a paycheck every 4 years.  Those do not wish to win anything, just earn money.  Anybody can do that.

We do not live in a world of ideologies

Politics are for the feeble minded.

Long time ago…  Doctors used to do house calls, they charged a reasonable fee per visit.  They also lived pretty darn good.  They were liked and loved, some ousted by the community if they were quacks.   The pharmacist was like the town pharmaceutical company.  Blended ingredients and provided you with the necessary meds.  You paid for their services.  If it was darn good they charge more and people paid because the service was worth it, if they were no so good they charge less; just like an Automotive Mechanic does.  Now we have a Corporation on the Health Industry that sells Insurances; because you know, shit happens.  Same way the Mob does when they ask for extortion money.  You pay each month X amount of $$ in case that you get hurt (key words, “In Case”).  What about if you create a savings account, shovel the same money you are paying them, earn interests (better than none from a health insurance corp) and in a period of 20 years (if you do not do anything stupid that will hurt you) you will probably have enough money to cover any medical expense.  Same with house, cars and so on.

What you think the Insurance Corps do; talk about service?  They pull statistical computations, min max calculations, what happen if the shit hit the fan.  They write the policies with the intentions of paying for Low Probability Risks.  That is why you have a “Co-Pay”.  If you pay tons of money for Health Insurance, why you need to pay the “Co-Pay”.  That part should be free but since is the most likely to happen you have to pay.

The whole Insurance system is a scam.  Here is what happen when you need them.  The lawyers go to court and fight for a settlement.  The Lawyers get paid their fees regardless if their win or loose (more if they win by tapping on the settlement).  The Insurance Corp does cost/losses calculation and comes up with some money.  This goes back and forth until one party runs out of cash or they said it cost too much to proceed, count their losses and pay up.  The Lawyer make money Trolling and dragging cases through court.  No lawyer in the right mind wants a speedy resolution.  The more they drag it the better is; just like any contract worker will do.

In schools they do not teach financial principles.  They want you to be ignorant of the situation.  The reason is simple.  If you do not know how, you will loose it all.  If you put your money here, can you double it or loose it all.  Well your loss / profit probability based on your knowledge said no.  Therefore you are not investing; too risky to bet on some that you do not know.  So….. You rather work and make money, that way and as long you have a roof, entertainment, food on the table and clothes there is no reason to worry about laws.

We do not live in a world of ideologies

Is been like that since the men crawled out of the primeval ooze.

The battle is a simple game…

Corporations are looking for a Monopoly or let us say World Market Dominance.  They are not interested on People, Nations or Politics.  All they care are resources. Each time they come to board meetings they pull the same computations, calculations, statistics and think on ways on how to penetrate X market or obtain what they want.  They think on what Politician they need to Pay, what Actor/News Anchor to hire, what TV Network to use, etc… can deliver the message for them to take a slice of that pie.

We give Billions of Dollars to a Nation and they have to put it back in our Nation.  Here is how that works… We find/make up some crap in a region of the world; stomped all over the place.  Give them tons of cash, in return they can “Redeem” that cash on our Corporations.  Just for giving an aide they have to repay us with whatever we need.  Establish a “stable” Gov for them to ensure security and to keep other Corporations away.  The people have their Sovereign Nation, their Olympic Team, their own Language/Religion/Culture and the Corporation keeps the assets and provides them with jobs.  That enures peace and we are all happy.  Now the poor saps can eat Burger King, shop at WalMart, buy Disney crap, watch Movies just like we do.

Other Corporations from other nations want to play too.  The world is growing small by the minute.  Here is a scenario.  The Chinese goes to Africa; they see some they want.  Goes to that nation, offer some cash and resources to build a School, a Hospital, a Road…  In return for some Rare Metals, Oil, Natural Gas, Crops, Human Medical Research/Testing, etc…  Now they are dipping in a place they should not be.  Their place in the world is build cheap crap for us, stuff that consumers do not want or need (But we buy them because the Ads said so via some Socialite that has a scripted TV show, Facebook/Tweeter accounts and we all need to follow them like mindless Robots)  A place that we can trash with cheap manufacturing.  They are making a killing with all the cheap stuff that we buy from them; now they think they are big boys.  They want to play in our playground.  Just a hand full of people are allowed in the club.  They are just like a Ghetto Kid that has a wad of cash, with no manners, no education, no rules and want to bully the other kids out of the playground.  This group cannot tolerate that and are going to stomp the living crap out of it.  Now you see what you see on TV all sorts of stories and lies.  That way we can bomb their pipelines, create some civil unrest, just trying to find an excuse to go there and expel those Locusts out of the crop.  They are a Financial nuisance and a pest that needs to be dealt with.  They are fiddling with the delicate balance of the Financial and Currency system of the world.

We do not live in a world of ideologies

The world is a business playground.

Here is a small history lesson.  When King and Queen of Spain gave money to Columbus; it was a gamble.  The royal court hit the Jack Pot.  Spain with all the Gold from the New World was like the Federal Reserve printing Cash recklessly.  Became the largest Empire in the World, the sun never set.  Flooded the Gold Market.  The poor saps administered wrong.  They got the gold and spent it all; poor commerce/finances killed the Spanish Empire.  UK in another hand, knew how to use the Financial System through Banks and Trade.  The West Indies Trading Co was like the Halliburton of the colonial days.  Or lest say, an earlier form of Fascism/Corporatism.  They started to control in name of the crown all sorts of land, resources and create laws for them.  The Northern Colonies were fed up with the Taxes, Banks and Corporatism of the UK.  Created a Revolution, kicked everybody out, started fresh and now we are in the same way as before.  The only difference is that we are now a new market player and we need expansion.  Manifest Destiny, Spain / US War (SpanishAmerican War fighting for land and resources), WW I, WW II, Korean War, Viet-Nam and all the other conflicts we are engaged.

We do not live in a world of ideologies

All Corporations fighting for one single goal and that is MONOPOLY via WORLD DOMINANCE.


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