TSA union: TSA report after LAX shooting doesn’t go far enough; wants own armed officers

Get ready for more Militarized Police. 

Have anybody heard the saying:  “Be the Problem and later Become the Solution.”

Food for thoughts………………

Funny is the TSA Administrator is John Pistole

In Castellano is Juan Pistola or in Anglo is John Pistol or Italian Giovanni Pistole

The head of a union representing 45,000 Transportation Security Administration officers says a report conducted by the TSA after a Los Angeles airport shooting last fall doesn’t go far enough in addressing threats posed by individuals targeting its officers.

The Transportation Security Administration recommended Wednesday that airports post armed law enforcement officers at security checkpoints and ticket counters during peak hours.

The agency made 14 recommendations after a nationwide review of airport security prompted by a fatal shooting at LAX last fall. Authorities say a gunman targeted TSA officers.

J. David Cox Sr., national president of the American Federation of Government Employees says the recommendation further justifies the union’s call for creating an armed unit of law enforcement within TSA.

TSA Administrator John Pistole doesn’t believe more guns at checkpoints are the solution.





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