49ers linebacker, Dutch teen arrested for bomb threats

Is going to get worse; some people has a shorter fuse than others and people are really getting fed up with all the Travel Red Tape.  Some people are not taking it seriously and prank.  Others just avoid air travel as much as they can.  Anyway, the problem is, people are getting fed up with the situation; check points, scanners, searches and the violation of the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution.


April 14, 2014, 7:27 PM ET

I learned at a young age not to prank airlines. When asked to fill out a form on a flight back from Hawaii as a kid, I checked the box that said I was carrying “live oysters”. I thought it was hilarious, the guys in the badges didn’t. This was pre-9/11.

It seems 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith and a 14-year-old Dutch girl didn’t get the memo. They opted to take it up a few notches from merely imaginary shellfish. Both were arrested for making fake bomb threats over the weekend.

Smith’s was made when he became belligerent during a secondary screening at airport security in Los Angeles. The Dutch teen turned herself in on Monday after tweeting out her threat to American Airlines a day earlier.





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