George Clooney’s next role: Jose Cuervo

Here are some items Douche-Bags drink; this one for starters, Grey Goose and any other boutique alcohol that is endorsed by a celebrity.


May 2, 2014, 9:45 a.m. EDT

The actor has created Casamigos, a high-end sipping tequila

The bottle: Casamigos Tequila , $44.99 (Blanco) and $49.99 (Reposado)

The back story: Sure, you know George Clooney, the movie star. And George Clooney, the humanitarian. And George Clooney, the sexiest man alive (at least according to People magazine). But do you know George Clooney, the tequila maker? In 2013, Clooney unveiled Casamigos, a brand he created in partnership with nightclub impresario Rande Gerber (also known as Cindy Crawford’s husband) and developer Michael Meldman. And just in time for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities, Casamigos has joined forces with the Sidney Frank Importing Company — the spirits powerhouse that launched Grey Goose vodka — as its new U.S. distributor.

Casamigos was born as a result of Clooney and Gerber’s shared passion for the spirit and for Mexico itself (Clooney and Gerber have adjacent homes — “Casamigos” translates as “house of friends” — in Cabo San Lucas). But after enjoying many a fine tequila, Clooney suggested that he and Gerber come up with their own, finding a distiller who would perfect a recipe. “Our idea was to make the best-tasting, smoothest tequila whose taste didn’t have to be covered up with salt or lime,” says Clooney in Casamigos press materials.

To some extent, Clooney has been hitting on two trends at once. High-end, sipping tequilas — meaning ones that can be enjoyed on their own and not mixed into a margarita — have been gaining ground in recent years. Indeed, sales of super-premium tequilas — the most expensive category — grew by 10.2%, based on supplier revenue, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. And the other trend? Well, that would be the fervor for celebrity-branded spirits. Consider that Justin Timberlake just launched his 901 Tequila . And Jay Z has his D’USSE Cognac . Even dead celebrities are getting in on the act — consider the Elvis Presley coconut water-flavored vodka. Whether Clooney can succeed is open to question, but he’s betting good money he can: Rande Gerber says there’s at least a seven-figure investment behind the brand.

What we think about it: It’s true: Casamigos is definitely more of a sipping spirit. It’s lighter in flavor than many tequilas, with a noticeable lack of fire (no after burn, in other words), especially in the case of the slightly sweeter Reposado. On the one hand, that makes it quite enjoyable, especially for, say, a long evening of socializing in Cabo. On the other hand, it’s a little too easy on the tongue: Great tequila has a quality that’s a bit floral and a bit vegetal but that’s fully mysterious at the same time (that’s the power of agave, the plant that’s the basis of the spirit). Casamigos doesn’t want to be as much of a mystery. Either way, we do love the simple packaging — almost as if it were a lab sample (Gerber confirms that was very much the inspiration). Oh, and Clooney’s autograph graces every bottle.

How to enjoy it: If you dare, Clooney and company will allow you to mix Casamigos in your margarita. But Clooney’s suggestion is to enjoy it neat or over the rocks — sans salt and lime. Rande Gerber also suggests it’s a great sip for toasting — a point worth noting given the recent announcement of Clooney’s engagement. “We’ll be drinking this during the wedding,” he says.




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